Kinky Cuddle Puddle

We stumble upon a very interesting article entitled "Create the orgy you want to see in the world" (link), we highly recommend it, it's a must read especially for newcomers to the scene!

As well as dissipating the stigma on sex-parties and threesomes (or whatever-somes), it gives very good advice on creating and organising your own.

We think it does miss out one on one very important thing though, "accommodation". It's a key feature for fetish clubs and swingers/sex parties: couples room, play areas,  semi-private bedrooms, one-way mirrors, sheer curtains, etc. All valid solutions for their specific contexts. For our own London kinky party, we wanted to learn from those, while shaping something different and, as usual, something fun.

Let's start from the basics. You need a comfy zone to lie on and move about. It's usually a bed or a mattress. Ok, good, but those can sometimes feel pretty small with 2 people vigorously playing, so as soon as you are "hosting" more bodies, you need more space. Multiple beds would be awkward, so move to the floor and spread out. Mattresses, blankets, lots of cushions, voilà!

Kinky Curtain

Next step is demarcation. For both the players inside and outside your comfy spot, having a clear line of demarcation -easily done with sheer curtains - helps in two ways. The first is probably the most important; it facilitates the establishment of consent. Behind the curtain becomes the players' space; step behind it and you know you have to get agreement to participate or they can simply ask you to move back. The second part is a simulated privacy. Voyeurism is a normal (and enjoyable) part of fetish and sex clubs alike, but some people will enjoy their play experience more if they don't feel the stares of other people as much. Obscuring slightly the outside world provides that, alongside a much sexier mental space.

We're not experts however, we'll still improve on our formula for a long while (Practice makes perfect :P). And hopefully, you'll be able to see if we do practice what we preach at the next Slap Stick Club! See you there!

Fiendishly yours,

The Slap Stick Club

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