Story Time!

Yes, it did spend 7 years in my wallet for no discernible reason.

Yes, it did spend 7 years in my wallet for no discernible reason.

What seems to be an eternity ago, I was planning to visit a friend in Edinburgh. "Sure, she said, but if you're around that weekend, you're coming with me to Torture Garden. It's pretty special, you might want to look it up! Ever been to a fetish club?"

Thirty minutes of intense googling later, I was suddenly even more, huh... "interested" in that weekend.

That night, I cemented a deep-seated appreciation for latex cosplay, had a very interesting chat about the practicalities of chain-mail-as-an-outfit, was left wondering how one could camouflage feet into functioning hooves and put horse masks on my no-no list. Overall, one could say I discovered a lot about myself; or started to. 

Oh, and I met my future Slap Stick partner in crime that night (fresh off a latex fashion show; talk about making your mark...)!

 Seven years, three warehouses, four flats, an indecent number of bottles of Prosecco later, this deviant path of ours has culminated in our own kink party! We know how daunting a first time "out there" can be: the rules, the etiquette, the self-consciousness, the slang... Now, I hope we can do our part in helping others enjoy their fetish club "first time" in the same way with the Slap Stick Club.

If you ever bring someone new to BDSM, the scene, or even just curious about other lifestyles, do let us know! We'll make sure to roll out the red carpet!

Fiendishly yours,
The Slap Stick Club.