Dear Slappers,

In 2016 we started our little fetish project fueLled by a simple desire to have fun with our friends... And maybe ALSO by a few bottles of ProsecCo.

The idea was simple, really: finding a place with a very "liberal" mind-set, with enough breathing room to allow for kinky play of all sorts, and bring all our favourite perverts, and their friends (and friends' friends, etc.) together for a glorious night. It was never about trying to replace or "do better" than the existing, fully established, clubs in London, but just to offer an alternative that we hadn't found yet.

No fluff, no musical or fashion pretension - no pressure; just a party to indulge yourself, socialise and maybe learn a new trick or two.

This will go on a t-shirt soon...

This will go on a t-shirt soon...

And it hit the right spot! It seemed that having a low key, friendly event was a perfect addition to the agenda of the kinksters around us. Now, three parties later, that's pretty much confirmed! With the help of some amazing people, the mood of the events has developed into something we are tremendously proud of: open-minded, friendly, sexy, fun.

Obviously, we're still working the kinks (Ah!) out of the organisation, logistics, communication, but hey, our patrons seem to have blissfully missed or politely overlooked the few areas we want to improve. We begin year 2 P.S.S.* with a lot more experience, a finely defined identity and clear goals in mind.

The March and May fetish parties are now confirmed (check our event page here!) and we're now already thinking about Summer (Hot tub cuddle puddle anyone?). We haven't forgotten about the Slap Chat concept either; we want to bring it back this year and expand the Slap Stick Club beyond a simple party provider.

All this, of course, wouldn't have been possible without you, dear Slappers. Your support, suggestions (#cuddlepuddle), encouragements and congratulations have meant the world to our tiny team and we're striving to be worthy of those.

Thank you. And see you soon.

Fiendishly yours,
The Slap Stick Club.
*Post Slap Stick ;)