Let's Play a Game...

I want to visit EVERY fetish clubs London has to offer! Easier said than done.

We tried to do it ourselves, but work, life and our very own club gets in the way. We needed a tool to stay on track. Well... From A to Z... TA-DAAAAAAAA:

London Kink Bingo Card

Have you already hit Bingo ? Which ones are you missing? Are you a golden kink god who has completed all of the above? Let us know!

PS: This is a purely subjective selection of clubs and parties we'd like to try out. This is NOT in any way, shape or form a ranking nor it is meant to assign different values to different events. If you think we missed something obvious, if you can suggest other clubs do let us know! Let's start the discussion! 

Fiendishly yours,
The Slap Stick Club

Location, Location, Location

As some (most?) of you know, the Murder Mile Studios announced they would be shutting their doors indefinitely earlier in June.

It's no secret the Studios were a key venue in the London fetish and BDSM scene. Photo and video shoots, small scale clubs and private parties, they did it all, in a lovely, dedicated, flexible environment. We went there as guests a ridiculous amount of times and both the venue and the events held there inspired us to launch our own. We're convinced the team behind Murder Mile will come back bigger and better, but in the meantime, this is a severe loss for the scene. And sadly, for us too.

I'm sorry, WHAT happened ?!

I'm sorry, WHAT happened ?!

We learned of the Studios' demise a little more than a month before our July event, creating what could have been described as a mild issue for us (read: FULL ON PANIC) and more than a few other clubs (although they might have handled it more gracefully than us). Small-scale event locations willing to host full-on fetish parties are rare in London, and getting rarer every year - despite fetish, BDSM and kink in general getting more mainstream - and we had already tried our hand at finding new venues for the Slap Stick Club. Adding a tight deadline to that was... Interesting.

The perfect fetish venue? Piece of cake!

The perfect fetish venue? Piece of cake!

What constitutes a good venue for us? We do not want crowded dungeon areas and want to keep guest numbers low, so a relatively small space fits well, while larger locations might kill the mood. Ideally, we want at least one separate room in which to set up a comfy cuddle-puddle space. Being in central London is essential, bonus points for a solid transport network nearby. And last but not least, a very open-minded owner! After we factored in our budget and talked to A LOT of people around us, we found one venue that was quite close to ideal!

What we didn't take into account in our excitement, was that switching to a new, less affordable venue in the middle of summer was not necessarily the best approach... Especially during this scorcher, people are understandably less inclined to jump into their best latex or leather ensemble (I mean, unless you're Britney) and get locked up for the night; all clubs' attendance are therefore generally lower overall. Which means we had a decision to make between trying out this new venue with a potentially low number of guests and taking a financial risk, or cancelling the event to concentrate our efforts on September and November while losing some momentum for the club. After much soul searching and discussion, we chose the second option. At the end of the day, we want each of our fetish parties to be amazing, and it felt wrong risking the enjoyment of our Slappers. A couple of extra months will give us time to make the next events that bit more special and will allow us to kick the club side-projects and collaborations we've been prepping into high gear.

Once again, we'd like to apologises to the Slappers who were looking forward to this party, but do not fret, that only means you'll get double the slap and possibly triple the stick next time!

If you have any questions or suggestions (know a good place?) don't hesitate to drop us a line!

The Rock See you Soon.gif
Fiendishly yours,
The Slap Stick Club

The art of the kinky cuddle puddle

Kinky Cuddle Puddle

We stumble upon a very interesting article entitled "Create the orgy you want to see in the world" (link), we highly recommend it, it's a must read especially for newcomers to the scene!

As well as dissipating the stigma on sex-parties and threesomes (or whatever-somes), it gives very good advice on creating and organising your own.

We think it does miss out one on one very important thing though, "accommodation". It's a key feature for fetish clubs and swingers/sex parties: couples room, play areas,  semi-private bedrooms, one-way mirrors, sheer curtains, etc. All valid solutions for their specific contexts. For our own London kinky party, we wanted to learn from those, while shaping something different and, as usual, something fun.

Let's start from the basics. You need a comfy zone to lie on and move about. It's usually a bed or a mattress. Ok, good, but those can sometimes feel pretty small with 2 people vigorously playing, so as soon as you are "hosting" more bodies, you need more space. Multiple beds would be awkward, so move to the floor and spread out. Mattresses, blankets, lots of cushions, voilà!

Kinky Curtain

Next step is demarcation. For both the players inside and outside your comfy spot, having a clear line of demarcation -easily done with sheer curtains - helps in two ways. The first is probably the most important; it facilitates the establishment of consent. Behind the curtain becomes the players' space; step behind it and you know you have to get agreement to participate or they can simply ask you to move back. The second part is a simulated privacy. Voyeurism is a normal (and enjoyable) part of fetish and sex clubs alike, but some people will enjoy their play experience more if they don't feel the stares of other people as much. Obscuring slightly the outside world provides that, alongside a much sexier mental space.

We're not experts however, we'll still improve on our formula for a long while (Practice makes perfect :P). And hopefully, you'll be able to see if we do practice what we preach at the next Slap Stick Club! See you there!

Fiendishly yours,

The Slap Stick Club

Cuddle Card.png

First times.

Story Time!

Yes, it did spend 7 years in my wallet for no discernible reason.

Yes, it did spend 7 years in my wallet for no discernible reason.

What seems to be an eternity ago, I was planning to visit a friend in Edinburgh. "Sure, she said, but if you're around that weekend, you're coming with me to Torture Garden. It's pretty special, you might want to look it up! Ever been to a fetish club?"

Thirty minutes of intense googling later, I was suddenly even more, huh... "interested" in that weekend.

That night, I cemented a deep-seated appreciation for latex cosplay, had a very interesting chat about the practicalities of chain-mail-as-an-outfit, was left wondering how one could camouflage feet into functioning hooves and put horse masks on my no-no list. Overall, one could say I discovered a lot about myself; or started to. 

Oh, and I met my future Slap Stick partner in crime that night (fresh off a latex fashion show; talk about making your mark...)!

 Seven years, three warehouses, four flats, an indecent number of bottles of Prosecco later, this deviant path of ours has culminated in our own kink party! We know how daunting a first time "out there" can be: the rules, the etiquette, the self-consciousness, the slang... Now, I hope we can do our part in helping others enjoy their fetish club "first time" in the same way with the Slap Stick Club.

If you ever bring someone new to BDSM, the scene, or even just curious about other lifestyles, do let us know! We'll make sure to roll out the red carpet!

Fiendishly yours,
The Slap Stick Club.

A year in the life of a London fetish club.

Dear Slappers,

In 2016 we started our little fetish project fueLled by a simple desire to have fun with our friends... And maybe ALSO by a few bottles of ProsecCo.

The idea was simple, really: finding a place with a very "liberal" mind-set, with enough breathing room to allow for kinky play of all sorts, and bring all our favourite perverts, and their friends (and friends' friends, etc.) together for a glorious night. It was never about trying to replace or "do better" than the existing, fully established, clubs in London, but just to offer an alternative that we hadn't found yet.

No fluff, no musical or fashion pretension - no pressure; just a party to indulge yourself, socialise and maybe learn a new trick or two.

This will go on a t-shirt soon...

This will go on a t-shirt soon...

And it hit the right spot! It seemed that having a low key, friendly event was a perfect addition to the agenda of the kinksters around us. Now, three parties later, that's pretty much confirmed! With the help of some amazing people, the mood of the events has developed into something we are tremendously proud of: open-minded, friendly, sexy, fun.

Obviously, we're still working the kinks (Ah!) out of the organisation, logistics, communication, but hey, our patrons seem to have blissfully missed or politely overlooked the few areas we want to improve. We begin year 2 P.S.S.* with a lot more experience, a finely defined identity and clear goals in mind.

The March and May fetish parties are now confirmed (check our event page here!) and we're now already thinking about Summer (Hot tub cuddle puddle anyone?). We haven't forgotten about the Slap Chat concept either; we want to bring it back this year and expand the Slap Stick Club beyond a simple party provider.

All this, of course, wouldn't have been possible without you, dear Slappers. Your support, suggestions (#cuddlepuddle), encouragements and congratulations have meant the world to our tiny team and we're striving to be worthy of those.

Thank you. And see you soon.

Fiendishly yours,
The Slap Stick Club.
*Post Slap Stick ;)